The_5_most_common_product_development -risks

The 5 Most Common Product Development Risks (And How To Manage Them)

Gone are those days when a product once developed and tested was considered final for shipping. Organizations did not upgrade products for so long that a new release was often promoted as a “next-generation” product. Even users were habituated to using the same product for a…

A Usability Testing Primer For Products In Today’s Age

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero, Designer The importance of designing a user-centric user experience is indisputable. In today’s crowded product market, with users having thousands of options, you snooze, you lose.…

How To Kick-Off A DevOps Initiative?

In the software development world where agile processes have become more important than ever, DevOps is emerging Agile’s faster, shinier, avatar. Known for shortening the software development cycle and maintaining a consistently high quality of…
Quantum Computing

A Personal Understanding Of Quantum Computing

We’ve just about seen technologies such as AI emerge out of the realm of science fiction and prove that they are more than mere concepts that we are introduced to the shiny new on the…
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