From ideation on new products to software monetization improvement initiatives, best in class processes and skills packaged and ready to go!

Our packages are priced at offshoring rates and delivered with on-shore precision.

Agile Ideation

Impact : Reach a MVP faster, scalable micro-services based architecture to adapt to market selection changes, Light and integration ready applications in shorter periods of time.

Services Included : Product Ideation, UI Prototyping, Product Engineering, Quality Assurance and Testing

Value : Achieve higher scalability and stability along with an innovative user interface right from initiation, while escaping any technology and skill-set availability constraints.

Product Experience Engineering

Impact :Improve monetization with a differentiated and scalable product, Reduce costs through infrastructure planning and intelligent architecture, Improve product quality.

Services Included : UI Design, Product Engineering, Mobile Development, DevOps, Quality Assurance and Testing.

Value : Build scalable products with innovative user interfaces and well designed user experience while reducing dependence on availability of technology expertise. Leverage DevOps to accelerate release and improvement cycles, plan scale, reduce cost of infrastructure and leverage AB testing to get a pulse on customer preferences.

DevOps Acceleration

Impact : Product Stability Improvement, Reduce Cost of Infrastructure, Improve deployment and development timelines.

Services Included : DevOps, Quality Assurance and Testing.

Value : Automate provisioning, accelerate release and production cycles and reduce costs through infrastructure planning and automation.

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