At Forgeahead, we inculcate a culture of automated and continuous testing. Continuous Testing ensures that we control quality at every stage of the delivery process. Our strength lies in developing an automation test strategy based on a thorough study of the product being developed and applying the AIFDS approach.

  • Assess automation feasibility. Determine if the product or application is ready for automated testing
  • Identify areas that can benefit
  • Formulate objectives
  • Design an automation strategy
  • Select appropriate tools

Test Tools for Automation
Selenium, SoapUI, Appium, JMeter, TestNG, Postman, Newman, LoadRunner, QTP, TestComplete, Powershell, Watir, JUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit, PYUnit, RSpec, Cubertura, Emma, RCov, Simplecov, Sauce Labs, TestingBot

Automated Testing – the need of the hour: In the current software development scenario, testing has become increasingly complex as users are accessing your application using a variety of devices, browsers and operating systems.

Automated testing is now critical for success as it delivers:

  • Time saving Testing time is cut down drastically as compared to manually executing repetitive tests
  • Effective test management Tests can be reused in the future when there are similar requirements
  • Accuracy Greater precision of testing
  • Better test coverage Easy to create a large number of complex tests and execute repeatedly
  • Resource utilization Better utilization of QA resources

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Are you ready to make the move from manual to automated testing?
We make automated testing affordable for you – saving time, improving test coverage and increasing testing reliability – all while managing a continuous pace of deployment.

We use CI/CD processes that bring many benefits

  • Reduce costs while improving product quality and user experience
  • Launch new features or releases quickly while managing business imperatives
  • Automate integration and deployment, and ensure consistency in configuration and code deployment, as well as between development, test, stage and production environments

Our DevOps team prepares a tailored solution with the testing environment included as part of our CI process, thus allowing product companies to build apps with scalability in mind, as also the ability to swiftly provide additional features.

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Our Continuous Delivery/Deployment process means that we can test and push out patches and refactoring changes and platform upgrades faster and with reduced business risk.

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