“Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Adopting a big picture approach to design sets a solid foundation for the development and testing phases ahead.

Architectural Technical Debt (ATD) refers to deficits that occur when compromises are made in system-wide attributes that affect product maintainability, scalability and evolve-ability. These deficits usually occur due to violations of best design and coding practices, or as a result of not aligning to the system architecture. In the Design and Architecture stage, we create a blueprint of your existing architecture and overlay a new design plan.

  • Detect: Our teams detect the locations of the ATD in the existing product architecture

  • Design: We design a leaner architecture by modularizing the existing system

  • Sensitize: We sensitize clients and business teams about the dangers of short-changing DoD and risking new Technical Debt in new components or libraries in the application.

A one-line solution to avoiding injection of ATD into the product development process is: Think before you code! When it comes to new product development, our design teams create architectural roadmaps that avoid injection of new Technical Debt.

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