We’ve helped product companies break through the shackles of growing Technical Debt – and always, the first challenge has been...

…Getting product development teams to simply acknowledge that their product is incurring a Technical Debt,
which is hampering product enhancements or scalability.

What’s more, this Technical Debt is already creating poor customer experience
that may not be visible to you immediately.

Auditing Technical Debt

The ACCID audit is based on a consultative approach to evaluate the impact of Technical Debt on your product roadmap.

  • Assess the extent of existing architectural debt and its impact on performance and growth.
  • Collect the baseline quality metrics of the existing system
  • Conduct a root cause analysis of why this was not done to start with, to enable our consultants to come up with measures that prevent recurrence
  • Identify the quantum of code refactoring required
  • Define the DoD (Definition of Done) by identifying ready-to-release parameters

Articulating Technical Debt

Technical Debt, unless acknowledged and articulated, tends to accumulate over time and eventually presents intangible hurdles to business growth.

The 3C Process articulates the Technical Debt accurately, and drives consensus with development, operations and business teams.

  • Communicating the Technical Debt accurately to stakeholders, development and operations teams
  • Creating Consensus between the concerned teams to bring everyone to the same stage
  • Consulting senior stakeholders to invest in dealing with Technical Debt in a timely and efficient manner with minimal negative business impact.

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