Is the constant need for innovation in your product space unsettling you?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to bring out new offerings and features?
Are you able to create differentiation in a hyper-competitive environment and remain relevant to ever-demanding customers?

Refactor when you can:
Our approach to development is to refactor and reuse existing code as far as possible.
Refactoring, when done effectively, leaves code cleaner and delivers improvements in design and code.

Our refactoring process:

  • Modular, graded 12-18-month service to ensure a seamless experience to existing customers during the refactoring process.
  • Tackle small portions of the technical debt in a continuous and sustainable manner, while leaving your present product version in running condition 
  • Document and track any trade-offs being made in the interest of faster time-to-market
  • Continue to make new feature additions or code enhancements simultaneously
  • Small iterations of work – bugs and fixes are delivered frequently in each release

In some situations, however, product code may eventually reach a point when rewriting is a more feasible option, rather than refactoring.
For example:

  • When there are structural deficits in the code
  • When the code that has suffered from ad-hoc feature additions
  • When the code becomes unmanageable due to delayed refactoring

The Agile Approach

We follow best-in-class DevOps practices that help to build high-quality, adaptive software.

  • Deliver continually, deliver frequently, ensuring rapid delivery with continuous design improvements and testing
  • Reduce development costs while improving the quality and experience of your product
  • Optimize development and build a superior product that stays relevant and competitive. 

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