AWS Lambda Security Checklist

The AWS Lambda Security Checklist You Can Use

Amazon dominates the cloud computing market with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, AWS has a 41.5% market share in the public cloud market. With more than 1 million active enterprise users in 190 countries, AWS has five-times the deployed cloud infrastructure of their next 14…
QA Perspective On Microservices

The QA Perspective on Microservices

Software testing pros know that quality assurance (QA) in microservices architecture needs a totally different approach as compared to monolithic application architecture. Although microservices architecture enables complex applications to be developed rapidly and reliably, the…
DevOps To NoOps

DevOps to NoOps with Serverless

When organizations adopted the DevOps model they soon experienced significant benefits compared to the siloed, waterfall development approach. But as with everything else, change is a constant in the technology landscape. In many ways, continuous…

How to Build Resilient Products

Resilience is a virtue. It helps one overcome challenges and distressing or trying times without losing enthusiasm or hope and recover quickly. Resilience in humans has to be built. It is essentially a sum of…
What's behind the serverless trend_Forgeahead

What’s Behind The Serverless Trend?

Until a decade ago, building and running applications without a server were unimaginable. However, it was always apparent that there were downsides to this dependency on servers. To begin with, they bore expenses even if…
AWS Serverless

The 5-Minute Guide To Understanding AWS Serverless

The past decade has seen a string of explosive advancements in software. Innovation in software development tools, approaches, practices, and processes became rife as businesses started relying on high-end technology systems to be their key…
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