Ashish Shah

Chief Executive Officer

How We Should Look at Our Hybrid Workplace Future

At the time of writing this article, the notion of a hybrid workplace is no longer the “New Normal”. It’s the “Now Normal”! The search term “hybrid work” is scoring between 90 and 100 (peak

The cloud evolution of enterprise products

The past decade has witnessed a transformation of enterprise software, and the rate of change seems to be accelerating!  Change has been a constant in this industry for years now, but something different seems at

 The SaaS problem for on-premise products

Despite the rise of the Cloud, 63% of software organizations continue to have moderate to extensive on-premise deployments. Oftentimes, organizations leave on-premises software alone and undisturbed because they do not want to rock the boat

Why and how we became AWS Partners

Of late, we have found ourselves working increasingly on serverless approaches and have been helping organizations leverage this technology to add scalability and agility to their business. The benefits of serverless are clear, especially as

DevOps + Orchestration = Extreme Product Agility

The days of shipping out a product and then moving on to the next piece of software after patting yourself on the back are over. As software eats the world, customers demand regular updates and

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