Dont_Release Now!

Don’t Release Now!

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s famous words in the blockbuster Top Gun, “I feel the need, the need for speed,” somehow has found resonance with product owners in the dynamic world of software product development. A rapidly evolving market and technology landscape driven by changing customer demands are…

The new strategic concerns for Enterprise Product UX

User Experience has confirmed its importance as a contributor to product success – or failure. UX that had started as a discipline that belonged to Usability has now grown to accommodate far more than what…

How To Kick-Off A DevOps Initiative?

In the software development world where agile processes have become more important than ever, DevOps is emerging Agile’s faster, shinier, avatar. Known for shortening the software development cycle and maintaining a consistently high quality of…
Mounting Cloud Bills_ What Are You Going About Those_3

Mounting Cloud Bills? What Are You Doing About Those?

With cloud becoming a priority for businesses across sectors, adoption is showing no signs of a slowdown. Companies are embracing the cloud like never before, spending anywhere between $10 million to $100 million a year…
Some Test Automation Considerations With DevOps1

Some Test Automation Considerations With DevOps

The Testing function has undergone many changes in the last few years. No need to remind the readers that earlier it was a separate phase in the software development lifecycle (remember the SDLC?). Testers worked…
What It Takes To Make The DevOps Move

What It Takes To Make The DevOps Move

Adopting a DevOps strategy is a business necessity today. The push to become software-driven and software-defined is a pressing reality across industries. Software is touching all sectors. We find even the most traditional industries such…

A 5 step approach to auditing your technical debt

When it comes to software architecture, a visionary design has many benefits. It actually paves the way for a product that can be more agile and accommodative of the changes-to-come in the future. This could,…
2020_Test_automation_trends_for_ enterprise_products

2020 Test automation trends for enterprise products

Call it DevOps or the Agile storm that has taken over the software product development space, the field of testing has seen a huge transformation in the last few years. As software testing has evolved…
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