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From Monolith To Microservices - The Why And How

From Monolith To Microservices – The Why And How

As far back as 2008, Netflix in its earlier avatar encountered a network outage at one of its data centers, leading to a temporary shutdown of its DVD rental services for three days. Now imagine…
Cloud-Native Application Development Trends to Watch

Cloud-Native Application Development Trends to Watch

Today’s fast-paced, software-driven markets and the soaring ‘anytime, anywhere’ culture demand a restructuring of many tried and trusted approaches. Among the areas impacted is the manner we design, build, and use applications. Cloud-native applications have…

SaaS Goes Deep – The Emergence Of Vertical SaaS

In 2022, Gartner predicts that nearly USD 482 billion will be spent on cloud services globally. We have seen how the pandemic accelerated digital adoption worldwide and cloud computing. More specifically SaaS offerings have been…

Adopting DevSecOps to Build Secure Products

Previously regarded as an afterthought, application security is a critical element of any application development process. As more applications move to the cloud, there are growing concerns about external threats and breaches.  Today, “security” as…
SaaS Product

How A Product Startup Can Make the SaaS journey

For startups, transforming products into SaaS productsmight seem like a daunting task. Founders must don several hats, there’s always so much to do, and budgets are always tight. Understanding how to begin the SaaS journey…
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