Build, Publish, and Maintain Secure APIs at scale with API Gateway.

Pay Only For Code Runtime with AWS Lambda.

API Gateway manages a myriad of tasks related to accepting and processing hundreds of thousands of simultaneous API calls. This includes throttling, API version management, traffic management, authorization and access control, and CORS support. Forgeahead uses API Gateway to build APIs that are easy to use and, most importantly, remain secure at scale.
Our experts also give utmost priority to API-led connectivity, and design each API based on our client’s unique needs. The APIs we build using API Gateway are easy to use, monitor and connect, no matter the scale. We develop a robust security posture by implementing multi-layered security for each API, enabling you to easily handle massive request volumes.

Enhanced Applications

Every application needs a rich set of APIs to function seamlessly. The specialists at Forgeahead can help you develop stunning APIs that are easy to use.


With API Gateway, our experts don’t need to install and configure gateway software. This saves them valuable time, as they can start building those highly functional APIs for you right away.

Flexible, Cost-Efficient Usage

Another brilliant advantage of API Gateway is no minimum fees or startup costs. You only pay for amount of data transferred out and for incoming API calls. This is a real cost saver, especially as your usage grows.

API Lifecycle Management

When integrating applications with CI/CD pipelines, the API framework plays a key role. API Gateway supports staging and versioning that can be easily scheduled depending on the nature of the application.

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