Re-engineer business processes, applications, and data.

Push the digital boundaries and boost your growth through product modernization.

Why Transform Your
Platform for a Digital Future?


65% of organizations believe legacy systems are incapable of meeting emerging digital business needs


of enterprises fail to harness the full potential of cloud-based technologies


of CIO’s believe that refusing to modernize IT systems will negatively affect their organization’s growth


of CIO’s stated their organizations were vulnerable to security breaches

Product Modernization to
Enhance Your Digital Journey

Operating in a digital world means that businesses need to embrace new technologies, while carefully balancing an existing IT ecosystem. This requires modernizing, i.e., adding new features and strategic re-architecting for preserving valuable code in order to increase development agility and better scalability.



Agility and
Rapid Innovation


Adopt Cloud

Scalable &
Secure Products

Maximize ROI and
Reduce TCO

Minimizing Non-Alignment With the Market & Policies

How to Approach
Product Modernization?

Our Offerings

Introducing a new product in your company - will it be compatible with the existing technology?

How many versions of the code base will you have to maintain?

How will you mitigate the risks of upgrading frameworks and codebases?
Do you have the right tools to implement, deploy and manage a hybrid, multi-cloud environment?

What’s your best path to the cloud?

How will you protect data in transit to a new cloud environment?
Have you considered automation across the entire organization?

What does workflow automation mean to you?

Have you defined an automation roadmap?
Is your architecture under load?

How can you ensure least disruption when implementing a new architecture?

Are you transforming incrementally or all at once?

Does your team have the necessary skill set?
How will you ensure high-quality design aesthetics and responsiveness?

How will you balance ease of use and functionality?

How do you plan to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices?
Can your current databases and reporting technologies handle large data sets?

Have you enabled real-time analytics?

Are you able to provide analytics on a broad variety of data?
How much compliance monitoring has been automated?

Need to optimize compliance spend and increase compliance adherence with regulatory laws for e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, etc?

Is database compliance helping the business to drive value?

Why choose Forgeahead?

Our goal is to transform your business through a thorough assessment, robust and detailed recommendations, and subsequent project execution. We help you assess and deliver the right technology solution that meets your current needs without disrupting your existing workflow or processes.

Skilled Developers



Robust Technical



of Expertise

Forge Process



Review existing application architecture, conduct gap analysis, and identify components for either improving or renewing.

Document and Plan


Ensure all architecture, design, and implementation details are properly documented.

Build a plan of execution including technical architecture, automation, etc. as well as include business aspects like project deliverable at each phase, timelines, team members, etc.

Develop a MVP


Create an MVP that demonstrates feasibility, allows stakeholders to analyze the challenges.

Prevents from overloading new features.

Implement a Remediation Strategy


Remove unused and outdated dependencies – unnecessary features, components, files, and documentation.

Deploy new features, bug fixes and upgrade scenarios to fit in the latest agile, and scalable frame.

Data Migration


Ensure the right system permissions are applied, and extract all data migrating to the target, from the source system.

The data is cleaned to protect the target system, then transformed into the proper format for transfer.

Precautions are taken to prevent unwanted data leakage.

Execute Rollout


Finish final migration to the new platform and execute the final rollout.

Testing and Monitoring of the Final System


Conduct security testing to ensure no vulnerabilities exist.

Monitor the performance to foresee utilization trends, spot bottlenecks, and support troubleshooting;

Periodically review the deployment configuration for adequate security, and compliance

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