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Stop worrying about scalability. Stop paying for idle time. Stop worrying about infrastructure administration.

Cloud migration
AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead
Enterprises, on average, waste approximately 85% of their server capacity. By going serverless, you gain two significant advantages — you never waste server capacity, which means you never waste money.
But migrating to the cloud is a complicated process. You need experts. Forgeahead leverages the latest and most powerful technologies available, making your serverless transition smooth and hassle-free. Our in-depth knowledge of AWS platforms helps us ensure the products and services you develop are agile, cloud-friendly, and scalable.
AWS Serverless Computing Services - Forgeahead
Forgeahead cloud migration services
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Why go serverless with Forgeahead?

AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead


Cost savings is one of the biggest benefits of going serverless. You only pay for the actual runtime of business logic. If the code isn’t executed, you aren’t charged.

AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead

Adaptive Scalability

Forgeahead helps you leverage serverless architecture to build applications can scale capacity automatically and intelligently. This ensures optimum performance and quality infrastructure services at reduced costs.

AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead

Quicker Go-To-Market

Forgeahead helps you leverage AWS platforms so you can develop highly available, error-tolerant apps. This reduces operational costs and efforts, so you can direct your energy towards innovation and get-to-market faster.

AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead

Continuous Delivery

Serverless offers novel ways of developing and deploying in a cloud-native environment. Forgeahead experts help you decide which strategies suit you best and also reduce your risks.

AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead

Complete Serverless

The advantages of going serverless make a compelling business case.
AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead


AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead


AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead


AWS Serverless Services - Forgeahead


Serverless architectures integrate seamlessly with SaaS, off-the-shelf solutions, and routine business requirements like payment processing, notification systems and authentication.
However, building robust serverless applications and implementing best practice serverless solutions can take months, if not years. Why waste all that time? Instead let our specialists handle the complex migration process while you focus on the big picture — your product.
Having served as top-tier consultants to major corporations across the globe, our serverless specialists harness their deep domain knowledge to chalk out vetted migration strategies, giving you that elusive competitive edge!

Partially Serverless

Serverless is the way forward, true. But migrating to an all-cloud system might not be the way forward for every enterprise. Continuing with outdated legacy systems is certainly not the answer, either. Sometimes a hybrid cloud migration is the best solution — that ideal middle ground where vital on-premise applications can function in perfect harmony with cloud-based applications.

Executing a flawless hybrid migration comes with its own set of arduous, time-consuming challenges. Overcoming these requires skill and dexterity. And that’s where we can help.
The experts at Forgeahead help you seamlessly connect your on-premise and cloud-based applications, creating a Custom Unified Platform where all your products and services operate in scintillating synchrony.

AWS Stack

API Gateway

APIs are essentially the ‘front door’ through which applications gain access to data, functionality, or business logic from backend services. API Gateway makes it distinctly easier for developers to build, publish, and maintain secure APIs at any scale.


AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service that allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Now, you only pay for the computing time you use. Lambda runs codes for nearly all types of applications or backend services. And it does so with zero administration.


DynamoDB is a scalable, fast, and secure NoSQL data store that helps you meet even the tightest data-access SLAs. With millisecond response times, data access over DynamoDB is lightning quick. It is a fully managed, multi-region database with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching.

Our Work

What we do

What makes
Forgeahead such a great choice?

Serverless architects

We'll help you go fully or partially serverless using AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS Dynamo DB, AWS Step Functions, and others.

Experts in high availability

Build error-tolerant, highly available applications with Elastic Load Balancing, Database Replication, Availability Zones, and Auto Scaling

Everything as

Cloud-native serverless architecture that's deployable though rapid CI/CD pipelines in multiple environments/regions! How? Infrastructure as Code.

Observability and Security

Working with sensitive data? Let us implement the most advanced security practices using AWS WAF, AWS Shield, AWS Cognito, and custom VPCs.

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