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Growth of customer and data, along with traffic surges, create severe database scaling challenges for modern web-based applications. Then there’s latency, the silent killer. To overcome these hurdles, you need reliable and high speed access to your data. In other words, you need DynamoDB. And that’s where we come in.
DynamoDB is Forgeahead’s data solution tool of choice. This scalable, fast, and secure NoSQL data store allows us to satisfy stringent data-access SLAs. We love DynamoDB for its versatility in supporting use cases. Social media applications, online businesses, advertising campaigns, tracking gaming data — the list goes on.

Performance and Scalability

Forgeahead uses DynamoDB to blend superior performance and scalability with the ease and simplicity of cloud administration. No matter the type of query: frequent, infrequent, or transactional — Forgeahead trusts DynamoDB.

Reliability and High-availability

DynamoDB replicates data across a minimum of three data centers. This ensures your systems continue to run and supply data even in the most extreme cases. The best part? You eliminate system downtime.

Lightning-Fast Data Access

We aren’t kidding when we say data access over DynamoDB is lightning fast. Millisecond response times make your user-experience an absolute joy.

Stateful Data Storage

Complete stateful awareness is vital for the success of any integration or migration strategy. Forgeahead specialists harness DynamoDB to store your integration-state data in a quick-access format.

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