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Last updated on March 25th, 2021

Customer Overview

Our client helps to Deliver Content that Connects. Every day, hundreds of customers around the world rely on Ooyala to maximize the revenue potential of every digital video asset on every possible device. Ooyala provides everything our customers need to connect with viewers on all screens: to package, manage, publish, syndicate, measure, personalize and monetize video. Ooyala offer the industry’s most comprehensive video solution, built for modularity to enable swift integration of best-of-breed components from the video ecosystem..

Business Challenges

The client was looking for a solution partner to help them develop and deploy the website and native mobile applications for the Sports. They were seeking for a cross-functional project team which could take the entire responsibility of doing end to end development and coordinate with various third party teams to ensure seams less integration.

  1. Defining wireframes to capture user journey for web portal and native mobile applications
  2. Conversion of high level wish-list into detailed and result based functional specifications
  3. Understanding and levering capability of Kaltura OVP and OTT platforms
  4. Responsive web portal across standard resolutions for web and mobile devices
  5. Compatibility with all the leading browsers and OS in the industry
  6. SEO modeling of the web portal
  7. Native mobile applications in Android and iOS
  8. Integration with Ad Banners, Facebook and Google + and third party sports data APIs
  9. Creating infrastructure for production and continuous integration for seamless production deployments
  10. Capturing user analytics for the users

The Solution

  • Forgeahead Solutions offers end to end customized application development solution for media based products and applications
  • Our services include Product management, Custom Application Development, Application Management, Application Modernization, System Integration, Cloud Computing, Performance Engineering and Quality assurance capability for web based and enterprise applications
  • Developed entirely responsive web portal to provide capability to display and manage sports content for the largest publication house in the Vietnam
    • Design and development of user interfaces to capture user journey on web and mobile applications
    • Entirely responsive web portal on standard resolutions across web and mobile interfaces
    • Integration with Kaltura platform and consuming published APIs to fetch relevant meta data
    • Compatibility with all standard browsers and Operating systems
    • SEO modelling of the entire web portal
    • Development and publication of native Android and iOS applications in the respective play stores
    • Integration with Facebook and Google + and other standard social platforms
    • Integration with Google Analytics to capture user data
    • Integration with third party Ad Banners
    • Integration with third party web plugins providing real time sports statistics
    • Continuous Integration environment for seamless production deployments

Technology Stack

Platforms & Devices

  • Ruby 2.3.0
  • Rails 4.2.5
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • AngularJS 1.4.7
  • PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Nginix
  • Android Development Kit
  • iOS SDK
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Aspera

Tool Details

  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Git CVS
  • JMeter
  • Kaltura TVM

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