Noodle Tools

Built an edtech SaaS platform for K-12 students

NoodleTools wished to build a SaaS platform where K-12 students, educators, and researchers could conduct authentic research and collaborate to write original content.

The Challenge

Customer came with an idea to design and build a global EdTech platform which can be used by many institutions and their users. Customer wanted the platform to be a pay-as-you-go model supporting a multi-tenant architecture.

Building a Global EdTech platform

The platform would need to help students, educators, and researchers organize their ideas and articulate arguments collaboratively.

Convert an idea into a real SaaS Product

Student privacy and intellectual property had to be protected throughout the entire process.

Build for security and

What Forgeahead did

Multitenant architecture where all users and applications share a common, centrally maintained infrastructure and code base.

Elastic infra that can expand to handle a base of ~10M users and withstand ~60,000 requests per min, or contract to save costs.

High availability and 24x7 accessibility across the globe.

Role of AWS to build the SaaS Application

As part of the hybrid design, initially, Amazon EC2 compute was used to host the application behind Application Load Balancers (ALB) service. Hooked Amazon WAF to protect the application and secure business interests. A large number of users trigger tens of thousands of CRUD operations for which relational Amazon RDS cluster service was employed along with AWS DynamoDB table to fetch horizontal data that improved overall response time and reliability of the operations. Additional Optimizations – Part of the AppModernization where Forgeahead has earned AWS Blackbelt, those skills are employed to deploy microservices using AWS APIGateway along with Amazon ECS Fargate containers. AWS OpenSearch service helped reduce the complexity and easily integrate features to improve the cloud application.

Forgeahead migrated NoodleTools to AWS

Being a largely monolithic application at that point, we leveraged AWS EC2 instances behind ELB and immediately benefited from AWS’s managed physical infrastructure and quick scalability.

Search and Indexing

NoodleTools users need to be able to quickly search and reference their content for research. We used AWS OpenSearch, SQS and AWS Lambda to capture and index user content and allow the users to search them using keywords.

Containerization and Microservices

Progressively decoupled modules and split them into separate services. Later, we migrated 80% of our services to Amazon ECS as separate ECS tasks. With the microservice based architecture and our CI/CD pipelines, we were able to seamlessly deploy our code changes to any one of our ECS tasks with no downtime in most scenarios.

AWS Service Used


AWS DynamoDB

API Gateway

AWS Fargate

Amazon Aurora





Amazon S3

Amazon SQS

Technology Stack





Damon Abilock

Co-founder and President | NoodleTools.
“After taking the time to understand and analyze the requirements of our project, Forgeahead put together a dedicated, highly-competent development and QA team to take our product from concept to completion. The team is efficient and driven and creates well-architected, maintainable code”

Platform is highly accepted, used by over 1 million active students worldwide

Response time of less than 200ms for 99% of requests

Improved performance with optimized use of AWS services such as Elasticache, OpenSearch, and CloudFront.

Value Delivered

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